Bravely Be Yourself & Build the Brand You Dream About

Want to captivate people? Your audience needs to understand who you are and what you do. That’s where I come in. I am devoted to creating brands that captivate and convert. This is for the entrepreneur brave enough to be herself.





I know we’ll get along… 

I am Chelsey Marie, branding expert and web designer. I have the mind of a marketing strategist; and the heart of a daring entrepreneur. I work with visonaries ready to bravely be themselves in business so they can build a profitable brand and live a life full of adventure. I’m a free-spirited creator, speaker and blogger with a laptop and ideas-for-days.



5 Keys to Being a Daring Entrepeneur

Have you ever felt like your message and what you teach could impact the lives of so many more than you are able to reach? Well, then you understand how I feel! As a brand stylist and online business strategist I'm normally head first in creating and designing brands,...

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Learn How to Start
Standing Out

In this totally awesome (and free) 3 day mini course that will walk you through 3 simple strategies that you can implement immediately to start making brave, branded first impressions and becoming the brand & business that I know… you’ve been dreaming about.