What if things didn’t have to be so hard?

As a woman who was raised with a strong work ethic and ambition I often feel like if I’m not working hard I’m hardly working. Letting the belief that things have to be hard to be worth it is difficult. Can you relate?

A few of my business besties and I meet every other week to talk business and hold each other accountable and a couple weeks ago this came up. It came up because things were feeling easy… finally (trust me things don’t always feel this way). When they do it’s uncomfortable, and so, we posed the question, “what IF “it” CAN be easy?”

This inspired this series of colorful reminders that you can use as desktop or phone backgrounds to remind you that whatever your “it” is… whether it’s committing to a healthy lifestyle, morning routine, business or a relationship… “it” CAN be easy… if you let it.

Want to download it for your device?

STEP ONE: Click the type of device you own. STEP TWO: The image will open in its a new window, right click and save the image. STEP THREE Set image as the background on your device.