Many women I know are thinking about starting a family or already have one and want to be able to pursue a career they are passionate about and make money while being a present mom. That’s the dream right? For many women I work with this is why they began their business. 

A little bit ago I interviewed a woman who has actually been able to build her business from zero to beyond multiple six figures all while working three days a week!

Kristin Thompson has been my client, coach, and friend for the last seven years. Using her own 5-step speak to sell strategy she went from being an unknown and broke new mom with a limping business, to being the “Rock Your Talk” girl generating six figure years, and six figure months, working 3 days a week.

Her simple, one-hour talks have generated $10K, $30K, $50K, & $100K paydays. Sounds like a dream right? I’ve used her system and it helped me close 100% of the room my first time speaking. I am honored to announce I’ll be attending and speaking at her event October 25 – 27th for the 4th time!

During this interview we talk about:

  • What made Kristin brave enough to begin her business.
  • Top tips for Getting Started Speaking
  • Why learning how to speak and sell in person is relevant even though most business happens online
  • The details of the RISE!

(We’re hilarious but we do use some adult language so make sure you listen through some headphones if your littles are around.)

The RISE is happening October 25-27th, 2019 in Portland, OR.

The event is almost sold out but I have 3 VIP tickets left!

Tickets are normally $997 but you can reserve your ticket for only $97 using the code RISE at checkout. Click the link below to reserve your seat and learn more about the rise.