Today I want to have a chat – a real blog-talk about something I think most home business owners struggle with and, by the end of today’s show, I want us all to have a kick butt action plan for our week.

The fact is that organization & time management are essential to sustaining our brands. If we do things when we say we are going to – we keep our clients happy. Being consistent with your online presence and blogging regularly helps your brand get noticed while showing that your content has true value.

Organization and time management are not easy, however. I myself have struggled with these two things periodically over the past few months. I have a hard time narrowing my focus to one task, especially because working from home can sometimes make me think that my schedule is “flexible.”

After trying several different time management strategies, I’ve realized something.

All of the mentors around me are left brained, type A organizers with a plan for everything. I’m very right brained and I need to feel inspired and creative in order to be productive.

With all the research and advice all from my mentors I think I’ve finally dialed in what it means to work from home and be successful, from a time management perspective.

Today I dare you to stick to your schedule & go through this step by step process to find a plan that works for you.

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Step 1: You need to have your own realizations about your relationship with time & work.

a. Where are you wasting time? Notice the time suckers. For me – these are social media & creative projects that aren’t earning me cash right now.

b. What time of day do you work best? My work depends on when I’m most creative, which happens around 8 & 11pm, but I’m also most productive between 12 & 3pm

Step 2: Treat the job you love less like a hobby and more like a real career so that you can become more and more successful each day.

Create a schedule. It truly is that simple. I’ve tried segmenting my days, I’ve attempted to wake up early. You have to create a schedule that is consistent so it becomes a habit & one that is flexible so that IF something comes up you can adjust accordingly.

Here’s a recommended schedule that breaks down the blocks of time you should have each day during your office hours. Remember if you work best in the morning start these early. If you work best at night, start your day a little later.

1 hour to wake up & work out
1 hour Shower, get ready, eat breakfast, check your email.
3.5 hours MAKE IT HAPPEN (no email, no social media)
1 hour BREAK TIME – away from your desk, away from the computer.
1.5 hour MAKE IT HAPPEN (no emails, no social media)
30mins Break time again – away from the desk.
1.5 hours Check email, Respond to Social Media. Close up your office.

Step 3: Choosing your focus for each day.

Make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself. This has been the hardest thing for me, choosing a focus but if I choose three goals for the day then anything extra I do is a bonus.

Your one big take way from today is to take time to prepare, schedule, and follow through on all of your brand communication and social media ahead of time so that you don’t get sucked into things that take away from your money maker.

with love ♥ Chelsey[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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