The TRUTH: It has never been easier to start and build your own company and
…it has also never been harder to stand out.  That’s where I come in.

The visuals you use are just one piece of your branding.⁠ When you have a brand that expresses your vision through your visuals and your voice you get visibility. That visibility leads to boosting your bottom line.

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Brand + Web Designer, and Business Coach to Entrepreneurial Women.

I started my business at 19 and quickly became the go-to service provider for entrepreneurs who want to create an online presence that reflects who they are and what they do in a way that converts. My clients have grown to serve tens of thousands of people across the world and consistently grow revenue from multiple 6-figures and even million dollar levels.

While most of my time is spent developing my clients’ brands to grow their businesses, my own brand has expanded as well. I’m often found speaking on stages, creating courses, and encouraging the brave women around me to make their dreams reality.





Branding is how you express your business & captivate your customers attention.

Do It Yourself with No Tech Overwhelm or Overspending.



Learn How to Start
Standing Out

In this totally awesome (and free) 3 day mini course that will walk you through 3 simple strategies that you can implement immediately to start making brave, branded first impressions and becoming the brand & business that I know… you’ve been dreaming about.

clients say…

Love Notes

“Working with Chelsey will give you star power, influence, and a brand that pops! With her help my brand finally reflected the rockstar in me… and our journey together took SpeakServeGrow sales past 700K.”

“Every time I look at my website, I smile because it is truly a reflection of who I am: professional, approachable, colorful, bright. She nailed it! Thank you, Chelsey!!”

“Chelsey is Amazing! She was able to learn about me, who I am, who I serve and create a brand that looks and feels like me.”

“Chelsey takes the stress out of branding by guiding you through the whole process in an easy and fun way. Through her program and powerful coaching, she helped me find clarity around my brand and tap into my bigger vision.”

“Working with Chelsey has truly given our brand life, and it brought me back to life.”

“Working with Chelsey has been a game changer. I now have consistent branding throughout all platforms, a logo, and a website that I am proud to drive traffic to. Btw I have more than doubled my lead generation and capture.”


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