Hello There,


Brand designer & business coach

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Hello There,


Brand designer & business coach

Scroll Down to Read How I Started This Site

As a Seattle girl fueled by Starbucks, equipped with a laptop, and never ending ideas, I’ve been helping high level entrepreneurs build and express their brands bravely.

Today, I help entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and other experts create both personal and company brands that truly express who they are and what they do.

I’ve been called the “go-to-girl” when it comes to creating an online presence that reflects who you are and what you do in a way that converts. I was speaking on stages, building my own brand into 6-figures, by the age of 22 and I’m proud to say I’ve helped build the brands of some of today’s most innovative industry leaders.

I think it’s about time that creating your brand and building your business feel less like drowning in a sea of “nobody knows who I am,” and more like a celebration – a glass of champagne in hand, toasting to yourself on truly becoming who you are meant to be in the world. This is why I’ve created programs and services specifically for you; because your brand isn’t just your logo – it’s anything and everything that can leave a first impression, and online that first impression can make the biggest difference between getting a lead and losing one.

I’m all about helping you show off what makes your company unique, so here’s a few examples of what the right branding can do for your business and what it has done for my clients…

+ A speaker & business coach went from well known offline to well known online, filling her live event three years in a row and jumping passed $700K in sales.

+ A confidence coach that, in just two months after launching her brave new brand, doubled what she had made in the entire year prior.

+ A recipe blogger turned health coach filled her private one-on-one coaching program within 30 days of launching her site.

+ A stylist launched her online style school and more than doubled her list.

Whether you’re just starting your business and still figuring out what branding really means OR are ready to hit the next level of your business, I’m here to help you figure out your brand and own it, like a badass.

My first program was “Fan Page Transformation” – A four week program helping over 900 enrolled entrepreneurs and direct sellers create a stellar social media strategy. I’ve since created two more do-it-yourself courses including “‘From Bland to Brand: 21 Day Challenge” and “BYOB: Build Your Own Brand”.

In addition to these paid programs, you’ll find that I offer several totally FREE resources to help you build your brand. In fact, if you are ready to get started right away, you can learn how in my awesome (and totally free) 3 day series, “Start Standing Out;” this series will walk you through 3 simple strategies that you can implement immediately to start making brave, branded first impressions.

Thank you so much for taking a peek and getting to know me a little bit better!

xoxo, Chelsey



You might not know…

I married this handsome fella in 2015 in Cabo San Lucas

We’ve been together since I was 16.

#JarvisTheDog costars my Instagram Stories and Vlogs

He LOVES to bark & play.

I'm a new Mom-preneur

Baby Girl was born in December

Obsessed with Cardio & Adventure

When I’m not working my hobbies are often adventurous, active, or creative.

I believe that being who you are takes bravery (especially in business), that you can love what you do and get paid for it. Also, that most days there is a reason to celebrate with a glass of champagne.