Hey Babe

I am Chelsey Marie


I am a brave, successful businesswoman, single mom, and my clients consider me a creative genius. Yes, all that! But it has been quite the journey to get here.

When I started my business as a 19-year-old college student, I had one goal… to quit my soul-sucking retail job and be my own boss. Looking back, I realize that watching and learning from the strong single moms in my life drove that desire.

My mom showed me resilience like nobody else. Then, I met my stepmom, Julie. She was a powerhouse, running her own show while raising her boys solo. Seeing her success and freedom planted a seed in me. Before long, my vision expanded from just scraping by to creating real financial independence.

But it wasn’t just about me. I wanted to empower women like Julie, my mom, and like myself to create independence through businesses that lit them up and changed the world. As a millennial, I realized that I “got” social media marketing in a way that Julie (and her business colleagues) didn’t. She needed to take her business online, and I knew I was the one who could help her do it.

Working with Julie opened my eyes… I realized I was uniquely capable of understanding and speaking to women entrepreneurs across generations who struggled with how to show up and generate sales on social media. That’s when my business took off.

My first program was called ‘Fan Page Transformation,’ and I’m proud to say I enrolled 900 women in that course within the first year. I saw clearly the impact I was making with that program. However, he true turning point for me was a video testimonial I received from one of the women participating. Seeing how my program changed her life lit a fire in me.

It wasn’t just about making money to support myself.

It was about making a difference for other women, across all generations.

I taught myself everything I could about branding, web design, and marketing and created a simple system that would make it easy to elevate my clients’ own businesses through intentional branding design & strategy.

By the age of 22, I was invited to speak on stages and podcasts, and had built my own six-figure business.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been supporting women entrepreneurs of all kinds (Authors, Creatives, Service Providers, Coaches) to bravely build their brands online and generate serious results in their businesses.

Life didn’t stop for my business, though. I married my high school sweetheart, and my business moved with us as we followed his career from Arizona to Silicon Valley and back to our roots in Seattle, where we wanted to settle.

We bought our dream home and, in 2020, had a beautiful baby girl. While I never walked away from my business entirely, we were blessed to be in a position where I could scale back the hours, and work with past clients and referrals, while I focused on spending more time raising her. I put my purpose on pause and settled into mommy mode.

Then, as if a bomb dropped, my marriage ended, along with the life I thought we’d planned. I found myself in an all-too-familiar story. Over the following months, I realized the real purpose behind my business and found the passion I had hit pause on.


Over the past decade, I’ve been helping other women get incredible results in their businesses. Results like:

  • Hitting 1 million in revenue in their first year
  • Scaling to multiple 6 & even multiple seven figures
  • Selling out courses and coaching programs
  • Increasing their exposure at the national level
  • Opt-in pages that convert at high levels
  • Building email lists of engaged, passionate audiences

The foundation of my own brand is to bravely be yourself and your brand will stand out. I’ve been telling people to do that for years.

Now, I’m generating those same results for my own business. Building a legacy business that will support my daughter and I for the rest of our lives. This business has changed our lives and now, I hope to help change yours.

I believe… No market is too saturated for you to stand out.

If you want to build a dream business, all you need is to dream about it but then actually dare to do it! (knowing how and developing the right strategy is where I come in.)

So, what does your brand say about you? Is it set up to help you achieve the level of legacy you’re dreaming about? Let’s check the vibe.

“Chelsey is a Brand Beast! She is fierce and committed to bringing the highest level of service to any project! She created my brand and website! My business has grown 10x this year! My clients are impressed with my brand and overall strategy! You are in great hands with Chelsey!”


She captured every aspect of my leadership and somehow pulled them all together. I have so much traction on my site and can be counted among the influencers that I love and admire. Thanks Chelsey Marie for an exemplar website that far exceeds most in my industry.”


“It’s been 3 years since Chelsey Marie designed my brand and changed the course of my life. She created my website, and helped me tell my story through a bold new identity with a robust online experience. She helped me grow 10X and my business is thriving like never before with opportunities in tv and political commentating, public speaking, and book sales. I highly recommend Chelsey Marie for her work, her vision, and her bravery to be bold!”


“Working with Chelsey will give you star power, influence, and a brand that pops! With her help my brand finally reflected the rockstar in me… and our journey together took SpeakServeGrow sales past 700K.”


What I Stand For

Bravely Being Yourself Online & Everywhere Else

Business is Fun (Bye Burnout & Boredom)

Feminism for ALL

It’s Deeper than Design

The Simpler the Better

Nothing Is Impossible

Age is Just a Number (You’re Never Too Young Or Too Old) My youngest client is 16 and my oldest client is in their 70’s



Legally blonde


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