How Kristin Thompson Built Her Brand to Over 6 Figures as a New Mom Working Only 3 Days a Week

Many women I know are thinking about starting a family or already have one and want to be able to pursue a career they are passionate about and...


It Can Be Easy

It Can Be Easy

What if things didn't have to be so hard? As a woman who was raised with a strong work ethic and ambition I often feel like if I'm not working hard I'm hardly working. Letting the belief that things have to be hard to be worth it is difficult. Can you relate? A few of...

You’ve Got This Babe

You’ve Got This Babe

Life can become overwhelming and anxiety can take over if you let it.  Here's a little reminder that you've got this babe. Download a background for your device.Want to download it for your device? STEP ONE: Click the type of device you own. STEP TWO: THE image will...


Learn How to Start
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In this totally awesome (and free) 3 day mini course that will walk you through 3 simple strategies that you can implement immediately to start making brave, branded first impressions and becoming the brand & business that I know… you’ve been dreaming about.