Hey Babe

Guess who’s back?! When I last emailed you I was about to give birth to my first baby. Now she’s a little over a year old! (Time really does fly). The truth is that becoming a parent, in a pandemic, and being a small business owner – has been a lot.

With some time away from the “daily grind,” I discovered that after ten years in business, I was bored AF and feeling like everyone who teaches branding says the same. Damn. Things. (Have you ever felt like this?)

It has caused me to reimagine all facets of my business, and if I’m honest with myself, things have needed to shift for a while.

I stopped marketing and focused on referral and my “forever” clients until I felt like I knew what my new work rhythm was and what I wanted my business to look like.

Doing this allowed me to refocus and it sparked ideas I had forgotten. Then… BONUS! I had my best quarter to date on a limited schedule.

The reality is, marketing your online business has and will continue to change. There’s no single, magic strategy. It’s about how creatively you apply those strategies in your industry.

And that is the foundation that the next generation of my business is built on.

For years I’ve been working behind the scenes helping businesses make multiple six figures and even millions in revenue by becoming powerful brands and creatively using simple marketing strategies.

I KNOW I can help you do the same.

Together, we’ll transform your business. And it starts with falling in love with your own brand.

You’ll be hearing from me every Tuesday.

Until then, go peek at my new website and watch my new FREE class.


Chelsey Marie