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I believe your online brand needs to be more than beautiful, it should boost your visibility and your bottom line. Together we can create a powerful online brand that positions you as an industry expert and produces profit.

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Your Business, Online Programs, Services, Products, & Events

Goals of a Rebrand

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Brand Forward
Building a brand you can grow with is ESSENTIAL. This goal is about understanding the structure of your business and getting very clear about the vision you have for the future.
Online Conversion
Your website should not be an expensive business card. Together we will focus on strategy and content to make sure you site speaks to your followers and buyers. Highlighting your programs and building your email list will remain a priority.
User Experience

When an ideal client hits your website we want them to understand what you do and decide to take action. This goal is focused on creating a site that is branded, user-friendly, and ultimately easy to manage.

Quality Creativity

This is not a one size fits all process. Throughout the process we will tailor and transform how you show up online, creating a website that expresses your unique qualities through visuals and voice.


I am Chelsey Marie

Brand / Website Designer and Strategist to 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs. You’ll work with me throughout the project. My small, efficient team works behind the scenes with me.

This is for you if…

Feel like your branding is all over the place.
Have outgrown your original brand or website.
Feel like your online presence doesn’t accurately reflect your brand.
You are an entrepreneur with a product, program, or service that can be sold online.
Have a case of website shame (like “I don’t want to send anyone there” shame, if you know what I mean).
Have a business that is already making money and are ready to hit that next level of income!

clients say…

Love Notes

“Chelsey is a Brand Beast! She is fierce and committed to bringing the highest level of service to any project! She created my brand and website! My business has grown 10x this year! My clients are impressed with my brand and overall strategy! You are in great hands with Chelsey!”


“I was searching the Internet to check out the websites of powerful influencers that I follow and admire. One thing they all had in common is Chelsey Marie. Wow! I loved how she uniquely designed each of their sites and I had to have her services!

I went from a homemade site that I created myself to a premium brand and state of the art website. Through Chelsey’s thorough design process, she was able to help me create and articulate my vision. She even broke down color symbolism and which colors represent me. She branded each of my courses individually and was able to capture everything that I am. But this part blows my mind. She captured every aspect of my leadership and somehow pulled them all together. I have so much traction on my site and can be counted among the influencers that I love and admire. Thanks Chelsey Marie for an exemplar website that far exceeds most in my industry.”

JENé Walker

“Working with Chelsey will give you star power, influence, and a brand that pops! With her help my brand finally reflected the rockstar in me… and our journey together took SpeakServeGrow sales past 700K.”


“For the last 6 years Chelsey has upleveled my brand and business with her brilliant eye for detail, style, and integrity. I originally hired her to create a new brand and website that was sorely needed. She not only did an amazing job in capturing my essence and voice, but she continued with the same genius in rebranding my business two times since! I don’t go anywhere without this highly talented, intelligent creative at my side. She is the brave brand she stands for and will make it her vow to do the same for you!


How it Works

No matter what your deliverables are we follow my step-by-step process to ensure we create a brand built on beauty & strategy.

Step One


This starts by my asking you tons of questions and “stalking” your current online presence (personally & professionally), I begin to get to know who is behind the brand. My goal is to understand your inspiration, your goals, and get clear on the vision you have for your brand. This phase is all about having a crystal clear vision of where your business is now and where it’s growing to.

Step Two


A beautiful website that doesn’t speak to the right person will do nothing for your conversion. During this phase we will discuss & outline a content strategy that helps people stop what they are doing and pay attention to you.

Don’t worry, we won’t start from scratch. I will provide you with a custom content kit to help you begin to write your website copy.

Step Three


Together we will choose visual elements that reflect the feelings and messaging of your brand. At the end of this phase you will have a logo (or multiple) and a brand style guide outlining specific colors, fonts, and imagery that represent your business.

Step Four


Once we have your photos, copy, and brand guide we start to put it all together. To assure that you get a product that you absolutely love, we revise & edit the designs together until your online presence fully embodies the essence of who you are & what you do. Once the designs are approved, my team and I will begin to develop your site making it functional on desktop and mobile. After this has been created we will go through two more reviews. The first review to make any final revisions to design or copy and the last to integrate your email marketing tools before we officially take down your current site and upload your beautiful new design.

Step Five


Yay! This is where all our hard work comes to an end and we tie up any loose ends. From making your website live to debuting your new brand all over the internet. Together we complete the last steps in expressing your new brand. This phase is all about implementing the brand we’ve created so that it is consistent across all platforms.

is deeper
than design

Deliverables & Details


Each project is customized

Deliverables typically include a combination of coaching, brand style guide, logos, web design and development, graphic design, social media brand assets, and more.


Clear Client Responsibilties

It takes two to tango and this project is no exception. Clients are typically responsible for copywriting, professional photos, and purchasing domain and hosting. This may vary because each client’s needs are unique.



Start to finish typically takes anywhere from 90 – 120 days. Having said that, we’ve had clients launch sooner and later. This is a creative and collaborative process that we want to have positive lasting effects on your growing business.



Projects start at $3,500 and increase depending on level of need. A wide variety of payment plans are available to make this cashflow friendly.

Curious? Let’s Talk

Apply below to give me some much needed info about your project and schedule a quick call. We’ll get to know each other, talk process, pricing, timeline, and discuss any questions you might have. By the end of the session you’ll be pretty clear whether I’m your girl or not.


How quick do you want to revamp your brand?

Annual Income Range

clients say…

Love Notes

“It’s been 3 years since Chelsey Marie designed my brand and changed the course of my life. She created my website, and helped me tell my story through a bold new identity with a robust online experience. She helped me grow 10X and my business is thriving like never before with opportunities in tv and political commentating, public speaking, and book sales. I highly recommend Chelsey Marie for her work, her vision, and her bravery to be bold!”


When I started my business, I knew I needed a website. I also knew I needed a brand, but that was part of my “discovery” process. Was the brand going to be a “thing” or was the brand going to be ME? I decided it would be me which meant I needed to really think about how I want to show up. When I met Chelsey, she asked me great questions. Using her conversation with me and the things I put on Pinterest, Chelsey took my brand from just a logo and some pictures from a photo shoot to and The Rutledge Perspective! Every time I look at my page, I smile because it is truly a reflection of who I am: professional, approachable, colorful, bright. She nailed it! Thank you, Chelsey!!


“Working with Chelsey has been a game changer. I now have consistent branding throughout all platforms, a logo, and a website that I am proud to drive traffic to. Btw I have more than doubled my lead generation and capture.”


She held my hand and moved me through this entire makeover. She helped me find myself, my voice and my vision all over again. 

Working with Chelsey has truly given our brand life, and it brought me back to life.”


“Chelsey is Amazing! She was able to learn about me, who I am, who I serve and create a brand that looks and feels like me. Prior to her I had done it all on my own and as my business grew I outgrew the very “cookie cutter” website, colors and brand that I had done all on my own. Now I feel that my online image represents me and those I serve in the world. The team understood my vision and created it better than I could have communicated it to them. They really got the essence of who I am. Thank you so very much!”


“Chelsey is the architect to my vision! Her ability to take my message, personality, products, and feel of my company and create my brand and website is truly amazing! My previous website didn’t speak to my brand, and my previous brand was actually non-existent. I feel that my business finally has a heartbeat, and that is because Chelsey breathed life into it. I’m so excited to share my vision with the world, and finally show up the way that I feel. Thank you, Chelsey!”