I am currently working on the next round of video blogs! Recording videos is not for the faint of heart. Afterall, I want you to watch them, get value and entertainment.

And that is why this is my phone background at the moment…..

If you read this word enough it starts to go fromIMPERFECT to I’M PERFECT.

It reminds me that imperfect IS perfect.

When we create things we can get caught up in worrying about who it’s for and wanting things to be PERFECT. But perfectionism is the enemy of originality and creativity.

So today I wanted to remind you that you are already perfect. Any perceived imperfections make you unique.

This tech background is now available for download (for free with no email required). Download below.

Want to download it for your device?

STEP ONE: Click the type of device you own.

STEP TWO: THE image will open in its a new window, right click and save the image.

STEP THREE Set image as the background on your device.